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Reviews for "Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2"

I am very excited about this :) I am a huge fan of your work. :)

Good to finally see the Last of the Dashkin back. Great job

THANK GOD, I was hoping you would come back and finally create the next part to this. It looks great and you seem to have gotten so much better at animating. Great job keep it up and please don't let this sit for years :P.

chluaid responds:

With patrons expecting to see progress, that's exactly what they'll get :)

Wow, i almost gave up hoping to see a return of Bitey.
Love your Brackenwood series even my sister, though she doesn't really like flash animations at all. Good work, looking forward!

That was pretty great, but Bitey's movement looks more like he's floating right above the ground rather than running. Still an awesome work and I'd like to see more.