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Reviews for "Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2"

The animation style looks like a step backwards. It feels lifeless and devoid of mass/weight, not sure and can't place it. Bitey looked like he was floating and it didn't feel like he was even moving fast. The thing chasing him, or it seemed, looked kinda cheesy. I'm not an artist of any quality so it's hard to explain.

I got excited when I saw this, but, it just feels untrue to the original.

Heheh, good old Bitey; How I've missed those stunning water effects!

Damn. it's been so long since I've seen this. The Nostalgia is rushing in now. YYYYEEEAAAHHH N***AAAAAA GET THIS LITTLE HIPPITY HOPPITY N***A STROLLIN THROUGH THIS SHIT.


Finally my bitey cosplay will make sense again!