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Reviews for "Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2"

I had to check the date to make sure this wasn't an april fool's I'M SO HAPPY THAT THIS IS REAL


It's great to see you making movies again. Thank you for sharing =)

People probably just dont like the gradients. Theres too many gradients man.
(I assume theyre not gradients but toonbooms lighting effects. But to an avarage flash animator they look like gradients).

Damn, Adam, it's good to see Bitey again.

I wouldn't worry about the people being hyper critical on the animation. Gotta be pragmatic at some point and get it done without going crazy. I see a lot of awesome technical improvements, the opening shot is beautiful, and I love the 2.5D camera work. If you need to go with a more cutout look here and there to better serve the story then I think its understandable.

chluaid responds:

thanks man!! This means a lot :) I always wanted to do this kind of multiplane stuff with Toon Boom in a personal project and the deformers are a real help for slow gradual movements. Very much looking forward to doing more frame-by-frame and technical effects stuff in this project.