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Reviews for "Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2"

I opened newgrounds again since ages because i wanted to see if there was anything new updated about dashkin in the past years. What an amazing coincidence that i found it on the first look on the featured page.

Watching this on it's own, I was gonna call you out on just submitting an ad to Newgrounds. On it's own, this is little better than the generic 'ZTV News' flashes which are really just a dressed-up showcase of other things to come (that the developer expects us to pay for). However, I decided to give you the benefit of the doubt thanks to all of your earlier work on Brackenwood - I, like so many others, remember the series fondly - and read up on the backstory as to what you've been doing for the last 6.5 years since the last Bitey animation.

I'm very glad I did that before writing this. It's a sad fact of many a good animator's life that the better they are, the more they get worked to death and expected to like it by employers who have no interest in seeing said animator's own ideas and dreams come to fruition... somewhat ruining the whole point of getting into creative animation, IMO. After all that has happened to you and Bitey, I don't blame you at all for releasing this: Sometimes genuine creators and artists need a little help to get things back on track and to gauge reactions to restarted ideas, instead of shamelessly grabbing for more money like most other ads do. It's genuinely refreshing to know that one of my old favourite NG animators still fits into the former category.

The animation itself was a little odd, but I can see the reasoning for it. Personally, I think it looks better doing everything FBF (as you've previously proven, you have the skill to pull it off beautifully), but I'm also aware of how much work slo-mo' scenes are. If it were my animation, I'd do them as FBF nonetheless, but cut them to short action-shots: Maybe 1 or 2 seconds each just to emphasise particular bits instead of a whole scene. It'd make the work involved less of a nightmare, and wouldn't make it all look like it suddenly drops a quality setting when the slo-mo' bit happens. And yes, I noticed the hair and witch cape. As a matter of fact, Bitey's mostly FBF hair against his mostly morphed / tweened body was largely what made the non-FBF bits stick out for all the wrong reasons (This is where the less-than-perfect score comes from, as I'm supposed to be reviewing only this flash and not the whole series with that rating).

Please, please, please use the money you get from this as wisely as you can, and for god's sake don't overstretch yourself. You don't need anyone to tell you how quickly what looks like a lot of funding can disappear overnight, after what's already happened. However, the fact that you're willing to give it another go even at this point is encouraging, and I'm sure I speak for almost everyone watching this when I say: You have the full support of your fans here. And there are a lot of fans still left here (as they've already proved in their deluge of positive reviews before me). Many have raved in the past about the staggering beauty of the Brackenwood series, or the smoothness of the FBF, or even the sound and musical backgrounds that accompany it, and cite them as reasons why this is the "best series ever", but in this rambling monologue-r's opinion, that's not what makes it such a good series. You can have all of the aforementioned and still be forgotten, as many before and after you have been. What you have here isn't beauty or smoothness or musical aptitude or professional quality; you've captured something altogether more brilliant in your combination of it all:


about time your back we all missed you almost just wrote you off thought u fell off the earth cant wait to see the finished move

>mostly forgotten
Not a day goes by where I don't look for content of similar quality and compare progress of artists to your own. Never going to forget.

Great inspiration. Keep it up!