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Reviews for "Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2"

YESSSSSSSSSSS! I was only on your page two weeks ago seeing if you had updated anything! Finally =D

Shut up and take my everything! I'm so hyped right now!

I remember Dashkin!! It's great to see continuations.

I haven't visited Newgrounds since 2011. I think I chose the absolute perfect time. Ever since I was a child, I've been a massive fan of Disney films, and the type of feeling they evoke. You've captured that feeling, the wonder within Disney. Along with the 'There She Is' series, the Brackenwood franchise is, without a doubt, two of the best animations I've ever seen, on Newgrounds, or any video sharing site, period.

I think I chose the best time possible to come back, or I may have missed out on this.

Your old flash cartoons are probably my favourite online shorts I've ever seen, and as a once huge fan who joined your forum and everything, this has me extremely excited all over again. Best of luck!

chluaid responds:

Hey dude I remember your username from the forums! Because in my head I always pronounced it JackBEEZ. Anyway thanks man!