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Reviews for "Teaser: The Last of the Dashkin 2"

looks more than amazing!
but to be honest, his running animation didn't seem like running at all :( more like he can fly like goku which doesn't make sense... I hope you fix this in the movies :)

W-W-WH-WHAT!?!?!! The last dashkin is back? WOW! I am truly, genuinely and sincerely glad that this trailer is here. I can't wait for the next part of the Last of the Dashkin. That movie was so good, it left me wanting more. You sir, chluaid have really tested my patience. Keep up the good work and stay awesome, can't wait for more of the Last of the Dashkin! Also, you can call me biased cause immediate 5 stars for this. So much nostalgic memories when I reminisce about this movie.

*Heavy breathing.*

I've waited for this for so long, and so has everyone else.
This might be the only patreon I'll ever donate to, best of luck man

chluaid responds:

thanks very much. I'll make it the best Patreon or die trying!

You'll still use your older style, yes? From the original LotD?
Anyway, best of luck in your project man I'll support as much as I can.

chluaid responds:

The old style is how I'm most comfortable animating. I use different software now and whatever helps to make the job easier, but generally I'm still a frame-by-frame guy