Reviews for "DNA LAb Rush"

I like it made you move fast

There are no more time bonus cells after playing a while which made the game not playable.

At first I thought it was just another clone. As I played longer I learned to appreciate the idea of having time in the next level based on your score from the last one. It is unique and fun. Keeps you on toes since level 1! The idea is not enough to keep my itnerest but I wodner if this practice will become a standard in match 3.

Needs a colorblind mode.

I couldn't play the game properly as I couldn't see what color everything was, other than red and purple, so I had to rely on the in game 'tips' to play it.

RandomBC responds:

Never thought about this problem. Now I see how it is important, so I will do something with that in my next games. Thank You for useful feedback!

Its fun for a few gos. Im not color blind but the colors did really bother me. I dunno if its because there all this kind of pale muted colors but they blended too much for my liking with a game where you are supposed to match.

Graphics are nice though and the music is super relaxing.