Reviews for "DNA LAb Rush"

Oh boy!Glad to play a Bejeweled Lightning Mode into a Flash game!
I love the use of element and music,I love Science!

The sound that make an atom after a match is like candy crushing,yummy!

Great association of molecule to power. Hydrogene is Vertical/Horizontal destructor,Carbonate is a bomb and Methane is a Cross Destroyer.It is the placement of Hydrogen that make the power reconizable.

God,glad you though of Shuffle when running out of move,the algorithm in Bejeweled 3 is hard to do and it will a issue if not though of shuffle.
Cell mixed with another power up? This is awesome!Remind me of many Candy Crush-like on mobile (unfortunaly,all Candy Crush-like game are all the same,the difference it that they change graphic,Bejeweled Sky does the same thing)

Combining 3 DNA is a challenge,like they destroy easly because all color adjent has to dissapears.
Anhilator (Experientalism in this game) sound hard to do,oh boy,this is going to take me long.
At least I got 4 achievments,I hope to get them all!


I like it made you move fast

this game was to play. It has a habit of Freezing and i have to start again from level 1. I had a lot of fun when i played the game. I Did get every medal in the game. How Many levels does this game have? When you collect DNA Elements as the time in a level up, you move to the next level. The game ends when you do not get the DNA Elements within the time on the level you are currently on. you start with one minute on the first level, however time you will have on other levels will vary but starting a level with little time will not do you any good. Having plenty of time to a level will be need to so far as you play the game.
I Enjoyed the game overall. Keep it up

I like your new twist on matching games well done!

RandomBC responds:

Thank You for good words, bro :)

Its fun for a few gos. Im not color blind but the colors did really bother me. I dunno if its because there all this kind of pale muted colors but they blended too much for my liking with a game where you are supposed to match.

Graphics are nice though and the music is super relaxing.