Reviews for "TheInvisibleMaze"

Invisible maze. Nothing much to say. I liked it honestly

If angering players with this is your goal, then I'm not sure how you expect this to make it. Your response to a review was Memory, Luck, and Patience. It's hard to memorize anything when you're dead as soon as you start. Luck can't even help you here. And the only one that needs patience, is this game. Slow it down a little.
I'm sorry, but I just can't support this.

orion1220 responds:

Each there own I don't understand this comment for the most part

I hate thsis :/
when you die 1 times somethings it counts to 3 to 301 :(

Cri, not too hard, because all dead so

The game is getting bad reviews not because it is hard. It is because it is a guessing game and offers no real challenge or variety. The music is average, the gameplay is lacking.