Reviews for "TheInvisibleMaze"

I like this game and I think you did a great job! It can be very addicting. Keep up the good work!

It's a good idea, but cheating is WAY too easy in the game.

You stated this was supposed to be hard but I dont understand what the fuck Im supposed to do.
Im trying to find the octagon right? Okay well... fuck this. Ive never been so angry over a "game" here.

Sorry but Im not sorry. This is terrible.

orion1220 responds:

haha i did a good job then

It's... not really a game? A game implies something that some kind of skill is involved, even if that skill is picking the right dialog option or clicking a cookie a whole bunch of time. This is basically just waving your mouse and then clicking retry.

orion1220 responds:


cool idea but what kills the game for me is being sent to the main menu after every death. I couldn't even beat the first level before the game left my attention span. and since im sure the levels only get harder, there was no way i was going to waste so much time going through the main menu back to the levels. when you play this game over 90% of game time is navigating the menu to retry only to die in less then a second.

you should heavily consider a try again button.

orion1220 responds:

Hows this for a quick reaction(20 minutes later) Added