Reviews for "WDA - Brackenwood band"


Fuckin' great!
I love Brackenwood and I love your art. 10/10

Katatafisch responds:

aww thanks so much! that comment made my day ^^


From the character rending and textures to the color and specially lighting, it's really impactant, so alive and vibrant! Congratulations for a well earned frontpage!

Katatafisch responds:

thanks so much! rly nice from you!


i din't get it untill i read the title lol. nice use of the blue and red lighting.

Katatafisch responds:


Awesome dude

Hey, like the other guys said.. The green skulls look indeed out of place, maybe purple?
But hey, its still awesome =D
Chewbacca ftw

Katatafisch responds:

yeah they dont seem to be influencing the whole scene and decrease the depth immensely coz of that... ^^
thanks man! :D

whoa, clicked this by accident. i love yer versions of Bitey & the gang. Spooky and intimidating in its way.