Reviews for "WDA - Brackenwood band"

What did I tell ya?


I had a feeling this one would make frontpage. I'm sure someone has stated it before I have but I had a stickle about the green skulls illuminating light, and how they don't cause any highlights on figures besides Lemonee. Other than that, well rendered my friend!

Katatafisch responds:

thanks brett! :D yeah i know what u mean and i wrote an explanation below ^^
but i think youre right ;)

love ya :D

something familar

i don't know if its me or something that you added of being your orginal charcater, but i think the witch in the front looks a bit like Kanta from Desert Punk

Katatafisch responds:

its no original character, its actually exactly lemonee with another hairdo and dark clothes ^^
but i totally see the connection with kanta ^^ though i didnt know of that char before you mentioned it ;)

Guitars don't look like that...

Find a picture of a guitar to use as a reference, you completely screwed up on the necks. They're supposed to stop a little below the top of the body. Also, the frets get closer together as they get farther down the neck. Other than that, I like it. The colors are shading look good and everything seems to be reasonably in proportion.

Katatafisch responds:

lol i agree i didnt have any ref for it and the guitars look odd ^^ thanks for stating it!
and thanks for the comment ;)


Looks cool :)
But I also have a bit critique, red and cold blue lightsource are well implemented , but the green skulls dont seem to have any effect on the light situation and thus look a bit out of place, same goes for the nebula in the foreground , it lacks transparence.

Katatafisch responds:

:D yeah youre totally right, but i tried to have the green added and it was just too much and without the flying skulls it looked empty ^^