Reviews for "The Phobia Collab"

Those were quite the terrifying phobias.
Great work on this.

Really great and well animated, though I suggest all animators here to maybe work on their sound as sometimes it doesn't really compliment what is being shown

kryzon i am big fan of your scene !

Wow, was a brilliant collab and great idea.

Kudos to two of my favs:

@SouthernShotty - Got me right in the feels with that one. WOW. You were able to create such a massive story in such a little amount of time.

@Weepz - How could anyone be afraid of Ru! :D GREAT audio clip choice!

Loved them guys. Great job to ALL of the artists!

Yay - the eagerly anticipated Phobia Collab :-D Great work, friends! Wonderful variety of artistic / creative styles. So much fun - let's do it again some time.