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Reviews for "Zombidle"

Some spot on comments here! Couldn't agree more with Sikor1985, though medals would be awesome to see. Playing this on here and my mobile even with my good hand broken in 2 places lmao! Too bloody addictive!!!

Roadkillers, you can change the quality if you right-click in game. Also, what browser are you using? If Chrome, there's your problem. Stupid Pepper Flash...

Seriously though, I've loved clickers/tappers/idles from the start, but this one is hands down my favourite. Glad we can help each other out with the ads (brilliant move btw) lol. Keep up the great work, Berzerk! Hope we get to try those console games soon!

How to I save?
Or is it auto save?
Fun Game BTW! :)

Actually liked this game. Unlike some people. Yes, the beginning is slow, but, that is what is idle about it. Only problem i really have is sometimes, when i close browser, and open it again, it doesnt give me my idle skulls. Other than that, i have no problem with it. Keep it up!

Very good game! I will wait for more updates!
One of the secret medals of zombidle is:
Destroy the stone golem and you earn the medal!
Note: The stone golem is level 101.
And also,when you beat the golem, you earn a chest!
I love the game because of traduction,good graphics and destroy!And so on ...

This game is so awesome! The dude on fire gets me every time. xD