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Reviews for "Zombidle"

Playing this non-stop since 11th March (so that's nearly 50 days), I FINALLY could buy the "King's Presence" skill of the Tomb King !
Boy oh boy, +100% DPS ? When the Pastafury of the Flying Squid is +700% ?
I'm kinda disappointed...

I'll continue to play until next update (space/cosmic thingy).

Still a very nice idle game !

Let me guess: that selfphone is the same Dethklok has, isn't it?

Great game, though it has some little failures.
For example, diamonds are pretty rare. Maybe decrease their rarity.
Also, we still don't know what those black orbs are supposed to do.

This is a really great idle game. My only question is, why is this on the front page of newgrounds? This was frontpaged almost a year ago. Im confused. Oh well, at least my save data is still here!

I'll admit, I'm new to the whole "Idle" thing, but this turned out to be fun. Never before have I been SO very much rewarded for being a Newgrounds supporter than in this game. When the videos pop up, it instead thanks you for supporting NG and goes right back to the game. Finally, a practical perk for being a supporter.

Excelllent idle game, very addictive, new favorite ! :)
To reply to D0rm1t3 while i'm at it, reaching the monster level does not grant you the upgrade, you have to then buy it with skulls by clicking on it. I did not get any problems getting my 4th one (lvl 100), can't see any beyond for the regular zombie, so i guess you purchased none and the last one must have the previous ones as additionnal requirement.