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Reviews for "Zombidle"


I'm not a fan of watch2win, it can be a disaster, but Berzerk did it right.
It's only 15 seconds every 5 minutes or so (and not obligatory, yes/no button), with awesome bonuses (so it is kinda obligatory). And you can tab out during the viewing, to manage other games (no self-respecting idler only plays one game at a time), so i watch 1 second ads. I think 1 second ads might even work better. If you play some time, you see a lot of ads, so i will remember the game-titles anyway. But because i'm not forced to watch them, i don't develop negative feelings towards the game-titles. Just don't forget to tab back, or there will be no progression...

Berzerk also plays the "sympathy card" well, along with humor. For example, after watching the picture at 10xbonus i had an ear-to-ear grin and wanted to buy him a beer. (Only, after watching 100 ads and getting 100 thankyous it gets annoying. I'm not watching the ad to "give" you money, i'm watching the ad to get an awesome bonus, so stop thanking me!) :p

As far as the game itself, it's smooth and polished. Quality work. It only lags when i have badly programmed other flashgames open, and that is not always bad, at least i can kill some burning dudes without feeling like a cat with a laserpen!
And for an idle game i seem to be busy a lot! An action-idle game lol. There's plenty of building upgrades, forging, chests, challenges and more stuff. But it's easy to figure out at the same time. There's also a useful subreddit. If you like idlers, you should really check it out.

2 things:
- After 500+ resets i know the game is also on mobile. It's the only annoying pop-up and it's minor, but i've got to think of some criticism ok?
- Maybe it's nice to know in advance what bonus i'll be getting before watching an ad. This way i can develop a strategy with the bonuses. Like save a x2dmg for a boss, or not using x4skulls right after reset. With a maximum of 2 bonuses in queue maybe? Unless it will reduce views of course.

Thank you for a great game with a sympathetic business-model. Keep your integrity and maybe there's still hope for the world! :D

That joke transaction is pretty awesome and hilarious. I love the game as well. GJ BerzerkStudio

I found this game really addictive and fun. But in this last update with the FORGE system makes the "re-grow in power" time too unbalanced. Most of the items can be leveled up with their same kind, turning the luck useless. It's posible skip waits between boosts just crafting Rubbish as well. Until now, I can't stop multiplying my DPS too fast, and that isn't very satisfying.

The monolith thing 3x DPS :)

Well I started making another war shard at the wrong time, I can't start forging items for another five days.