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Reviews for "Gaddafi Swag Loop 2016"

It's 2 loops and some mild padding at both ends, which makes it a well produced short, best seen at 1080 (at 720p the flying squares seem to pixelate everything around them; you always did test the limits of Swivel lol).

It's good to remember the truth is a 3 edged sword; your side, their side and in the middle, the facts as they are. At the time the US took him out, I recall there was a mini-media blitz, kinda like the one that got us into Iraq the second time. 5/5 for reminding the viewers here, that everyone has an agenda, but it's those who cause the most harm, that need to be held accountable.

As always, your animations are soupy smooth and full of heart, yet another reason for a 5/5, because right or wrong, at least you have an opinion that doesn't involve kiddie TV shows and their pseudo-sexy, pre-teen characters.

emily-youcis responds:

Yea, the quality got pretty raped, much better than youtube though.
And yes, 1080 P!
Thanks for the 5, Mista E : }

Oh they be squirting everywhere! Love the fact I almost had a seizure!

Watched this being animated! Real work of art!!!!