Reviews for "Batman VS Superman"

"The-Slang responds:
Dude, you're talking about a guy that threw an island into orbit."

And who haven't twisted Zod's neck until AFTER he got out of this very same armor that is created in same society as someone's blue nightie(not to mention what would happen if certain someone would also be dead.. serious about this whole fight. Judging by the trailers they'll get quite a few words from Diana who'll apparently be fighting Doomsday alone since Clark broke all Bruce's toys and Bruce covered Clark in kryptonite dust in the middle of the night: "Mom was right, all men are just overgrown children";))
Great video quality, no comment about sound and overall shortness.

lol that's Rachel at the end, right? I guess no sh*t it is. No wait, that's Batman's girl. OH WELL PLS IGNORE ME

That was.. unexpected, but hilariously finale.

He lost even though he killed him he still lost LOL !!!!

The neck twist!