Reviews for "Crab's Farm"

Quite frankly it's not much more than an uninspired cookie clicker clone with less effort. Idle games are meant to give a sense of achievement, this is just boring. I gave myself a ten minute timer and was done and writing this review in 4. All in all it's kinda bad.

It's a decent little clicker game. The idea is kind of cute, but it's not all that special of a game. It's a clicker and there are so many clicker games out there, so it doesn't really stand out.

The medals are fine and aren't that hard to get except for the last one. I came back to this game to get the last medal. It was completely ridiculous how long I had to let this game sit for. It took me somewhere around 24 hours to get that medal. You should've made the last medal easier to get by either lowering the cost of a boat or changing the medal requirement to 40 boats instead of 50.

Needs a better save function that saves every so many minutes so if someone forgets to save they don't get screwed if their browser closes/crashes. I had something like 40 or so ships 99 crab sales then browser accidentally closed and now I have 20 of everything. Not going to waste time trying to get that many again.

Boat medal was brutal (and I am automating my clicks...)

I hope that this was just practice and that you don't make any more clicker games. Looking at the sidebar gives me hope; "Pirate Adventures" and "Bugs vs. Mallet" both sound much more interesting...

I got 50 boats, yet I didn't get the metal. It isn't worth it. The last medal is far too high, maybe even for the game to handle because I have Nan in front of the accumulating money amount.