Reviews for "Crab's Farm"

Pretty simple but still addictive.

A decent simple idle game. I'm only docking points because you implemented medals that don't work.

Good job ! Cute game

Not bad, a pretty standard idle game.

I would have spent more time on the graphics, some animation in the background would have been a nice touch, maybe some movement in the sea or a jet ski going past every once in a while. I would also have like something to customise the crab, purchasable hats, coloured shells, anything. It would have made me less bored as I waited for the 50 boats medal.

I'd spend more time thinking about little aesthetic improvements before you publish next time. Thanks for the medals though.

The whole notion of "idle games" haven't rang more true until this came along.

Everything seemed to be your typical clicker game that is until you try to attempt the last medal by getting 50 boats. Unless you have true patience and click furiously, don't expect to get the last medal in one sitting.

The music is cute, but not something I would play on loop for a clicker/idle game.