Reviews for "Crab's Farm"

I got 50 boats, yet I didn't get the metal. It isn't worth it. The last medal is far too high, maybe even for the game to handle because I have Nan in front of the accumulating money amount.

Figured I might as well write a review whilst I am racking up enough dough for the 50 boats medal.

Its a fun simple idle game. Could use a bit "more" and Im not sure of what exactly.
Maybe graphics. Maybe upgrades.
Music is kind of adorable. Even on the terrible loop its still nice.
Good job.

You have a great game here ! What are you waiting for going mobile ? A single thing I don't like: that arrow-click thing, it doesn't belong in this setting :D Keep up the good work ! :)

Boat medal was brutal (and I am automating my clicks...)

I hope that this was just practice and that you don't make any more clicker games. Looking at the sidebar gives me hope; "Pirate Adventures" and "Bugs vs. Mallet" both sound much more interesting...

Good job ! Cute game