Reviews for "Crab's Farm"

Nice game. Simple, but fun.

Sweet game. Great for Math too. I like how it simply explains the concept of money. It's also fun catching crabs. I should go fishing IRL sometime.

When the numbers move past the 7-digit level, it seems the counter bugs out. You get a NaN in front of the numbers, and if you just keep clicking it seems like the counter resets itself when it reaches the roof? Leaving the game to idle, and coming back to it expecting to buy some upgrades, is made a lot more difficult when you have to be wary of the counter; buy stuff before it goes too far. It also seems like the prices in Upgrades are off, since you can buy upgrades on 7 digits even though the upgrade price lists them as 8 (like that final boat). Or maybe the counter has one additional digit I don't see?

The game itself works and plays great, and it's pretty addicting albeit the great grind, but that counter feels like one a bit too notable bug. Keep it going!


Not bad, a pretty standard idle game.

I would have spent more time on the graphics, some animation in the background would have been a nice touch, maybe some movement in the sea or a jet ski going past every once in a while. I would also have like something to customise the crab, purchasable hats, coloured shells, anything. It would have made me less bored as I waited for the 50 boats medal.

I'd spend more time thinking about little aesthetic improvements before you publish next time. Thanks for the medals though.

last medal not working