Reviews for "Crab's Farm"

for an idle game, its nothing special, but its also not to bad. one of the things that somewhat irks me is the exponential growth of costs. without something like a special upgrade that's a one time purchase, say 2 or three "times X to all gains", its rather frustrating to want to play this to the point of getting that 50 boats achievement lol.


its a decent game even with the exponential cost gains. and me being stubborn im getting that dam medal lol.


Quite frankly it's not much more than an uninspired cookie clicker clone with less effort. Idle games are meant to give a sense of achievement, this is just boring. I gave myself a ten minute timer and was done and writing this review in 4. All in all it's kinda bad.

I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT FOR THE 50 FREAKING BOATS. Anyways good game. A little boring in my own opinion as I don't like tap games or waiting games like this unless it has events that unlock and not just achievements. Thanks for taking your time to create this. Although I, myself, don't find interest in this game, I see many who do in the comments.

Thanks for this small idle game and thanks for your responsiveness on fixing reported bugs with updates!