Reviews for "Crab's Farm"

I like simple idle games like these to take my mind off of things :)

The whole notion of "idle games" haven't rang more true until this came along.

Everything seemed to be your typical clicker game that is until you try to attempt the last medal by getting 50 boats. Unless you have true patience and click furiously, don't expect to get the last medal in one sitting.

The music is cute, but not something I would play on loop for a clicker/idle game.

It's a decent little clicker game. The idea is kind of cute, but it's not all that special of a game. It's a clicker and there are so many clicker games out there, so it doesn't really stand out.

The medals are fine and aren't that hard to get except for the last one. I came back to this game to get the last medal. It was completely ridiculous how long I had to let this game sit for. It took me somewhere around 24 hours to get that medal. You should've made the last medal easier to get by either lowering the cost of a boat or changing the medal requirement to 40 boats instead of 50.

Just another clicking game- WAIT IS THAT KLUTZY?!

Awesome clicker!