Reviews for "The Hardest Pokémon Quiz Ever"

I thought I was a pokemon nerd... but I haven't played pokemon in FOREVER! like the last time I played pokemon was black 2 with my buddy we traded my lvl 100 Emboar for his lvl 100 serperior...

gg though 16/30 first try. only played it once for now because I need to study! :D I gonna play it later when I feel confident!

24/30 meh, Im a lil disappointed in myself xD

Yay I got 30/30. ...Wow just proves how sad my life is XD
Anyway I thought you would get the other medals... Either way this is a great challenging quiz, almost slipped up a few times. Especiallly the weight question *shakes fist*

9X74 responds:

How is your life sad? You're a true pokémon master!
Glad you had fun! :)

26/30 on my first try, better that what i thought I'd get.

I wide like to inform you that I have begun to develop the intense and highly competitive speedrunning meta for this quiz. I hope to attend SGDQ with this game as the current world record holder for the 30/30 leaderboards.