Reviews for "The Hardest Pokémon Quiz Ever"

It´s a pretty mediocre game because (insert what chrononomad said)

i got 17 answer correct not bad game

have no knowledge of these games just know some

Music is pretty good, but too intense for somebody who is trying to reach though their thoughts. Have a bit of a explanation of that you get your score at the end, because I was really scared that I would die, like in impossible quiz. Otherwise, really well programmed and thought out. :D XD

9X74 responds:

Thanks man! If you get sick of the music you can always use the mute button :)

I have a difficult time giving a quiz - even an extremely arbitrary yet challenging one, such as this - a very high score...unless it completely blows me away in the innovation department or something. One problem here is that the subject itself is so incredibly specific, making the premise altogether inaccessible to those who know nothing whatsoever about Pokémon. Worst of all, it can severely limit your target audience, which ultimately leads to a lot of missed opportunities.

No one gets to see which answers they get right or wrong, so there's no opportunity to actually learn anything. This is kind of a shame, though I can understand the methodology there...even if seeing the correct answers were an option. A couple of effective ways to solve this problem without making the quiz too easy (i.e. playing multiple times to memorize all the answers) would be to have the questions appear in random order, as well as having more questions in total so that one could play several times without seeing all the questions. It would also cut down on repeat questions across subsequent attempts.

All that aside, having medals makes things slightly more intriguing, maybe even for someone who hasn't actually played a single Pokémon game. But the problem with the medals is that, when one of the medals for answering a certain number of questions correctly is earned, the previous amount(s) are not gotten at the same time. For instance, earning the Perfect medal should also net someone the 25+, 20+, 15+, and 10+ medals...all at once. Those should at least be a package deal, rather than having to play the game over and over and over again in order to earn each one.

I personally played through twice, and that was simply so I could earn another medal for having a different score, as well as the other secret medal. Then I decided that writing this review was more important than playing for a third time. Feel free to draw your own conclusions. What you have here is not a bad game. I give bad games one or fewer stars, but like so many other offerings here on Newgrounds, it could most assuredly be improved upon in a variety of ways.

9X74 responds:

Thanks for the in-depth revew ChronoNomad! You made me look at my own game through a whole new lens. If I ever decide to make another game like this I'll be sure to use your constructive critisism and make it alot more interesting and appealing toward a greater audience.