Reviews for "The Hardest Pokémon Quiz Ever"

Im an oldie with the poke games. I never played past the GBC and GBA versions cause im old and grumpy and I don't like all that fancy new stuff that the DS introduced. Still got 14 on my first try :D
I have no clue about the other questions for reasons mentioned above, so I guess I'll cut my loses and leave with the two secret medals and 4 others. Maybe I come back later and get them all. Nice little quiz, good difficulty with clever trick questions.

9X74 responds:

Thanks man!

25/30 still know some things. But it is just a quiz... I would atleast wanted some diffrent pages gets kinda boring.

Great Quiz but
I did the quiz multiple time and I always get 29 and after I got the same thing 3 time in a row I look up the answer and I have all of them good so Did you make a mistake?

It's the perfect time to release a quiz about the franchise, isn't it? I got exactly 25, I feel good about that! I should mention, though, that I only received the 25+ medal, not the 10+, 15+, and 20+ like I assumed would be the case. Back to the point, though, this quiz featured a good mix of easy questions, questions about uncommon knowledge, and ones that you'd miss if you answered too quickly. Very nice!

9X74 responds:

Thanks man! Glad you enjoyed it. :)

I thought I was a pokemon nerd... but I haven't played pokemon in FOREVER! like the last time I played pokemon was black 2 with my buddy we traded my lvl 100 Emboar for his lvl 100 serperior...

gg though 16/30 first try. only played it once for now because I need to study! :D I gonna play it later when I feel confident!