Reviews for "The Hardest Pokémon Quiz Ever"

I barely got anything... I only got 8! I really suck at these kind of Games...

Yay I got 30/30. ...Wow just proves how sad my life is XD
Anyway I thought you would get the other medals... Either way this is a great challenging quiz, almost slipped up a few times. Especiallly the weight question *shakes fist*

9X74 responds:

How is your life sad? You're a true pokémon master!
Glad you had fun! :)

I am the meme master and I liked it.

This is a really good quiz! I got 29 on my first try... so close... anyways i give dis a 5 star :3

9X74 responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it :)

I got 24/30 my journey of being a pokemon mister continues...