Reviews for "The Forgotten Toon"

The artwork was really amazing here! And I love the humor in the dialogue. Keep it up! :)

The voice acting was Impressive! and I loved the artwork and style! Miko will always be in our hearts :)

This would be an interesting pitch for a short animated series.

To show kids the amount of work that goes into animation and why it deserves more credit.

I mean sure, 90% of the actual hard work is done in Korea. lol

ChaoticAnimations responds:

This actually is part of a pitch we are working on to pitch for a cartoon. We still want to do one more animation and also some promotional art and a short comic that will all go together with this. Right now we are asking everyone to spread the word about this especially to Disney so we can get noticed more.

Also we decided to go with Italy not Korea for ours :p.

I love it are you gonna fully flesh it out ? and you gotta make some sing a long as well. show disney that even a bright young as your group can out beat their paying shit.

ChaoticAnimations responds:

We absolutely plan on fleshing it out. Currently we are running a patreon to help pay for the next few full episode in the series and we are thinking of doing a kickstarter to prove that Disney doesn't know what their missing! Also we totally want to get some singing in soon enough. :3

I love this and want more of her.

ChaoticAnimations responds:

Were working on trying to do a fully animated short with her. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2026925635/the-forgotten-toon