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Reviews for "The Forgotten Toon"

Really good voice acting, but it was more of a powerpoint than an animation...

ChaoticAnimations responds:

This is an animatic it means that it isn't supposed to be fully animated. My team was given 16 days to do this project and tell our story. Everything was hand drawn and hand painted and I believe we did rather well for having such a limited time frame. The next one if we are able to do it will be 100 percent animated since it wont have any kind of time restraint on it.

Not bad, the animation itself is really good, but the voice acting can seem clunky at times. Still great job on this.

The voice acting was Impressive! and I loved the artwork and style! Miko will always be in our hearts :)

Totally impressive!

That was really good. You've done a great job on this one! I hope to see a sequel to this! Also, I'm amazed that was the voice of Duke Nukem as the Narrator. He sure can do a versatile amount of voices!

ChaoticAnimations responds:

We totally want to do a sequel and a bunch of more shorts if we can earn the money for it or get Disney to decide to pick us up. :D also yes John was totally amazing for helping us out and you'll be hearing him in the sequel if we are able to do it.