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Reviews for "The Forgotten Toon"

Interesting concept. I could definitely sense that classic Disney style. John St. John was great as always, but I felt like Miko's voice actor could of had some work.

ChaoticAnimations responds:

Sadly we had a much better take I did but It got corrupted during the process so we had to use a backup version. The next one will be a lot better.

Good work, however I feel as though Miko's voice actor could've been a little better and the animation that was there felt very floaty. But all-in-all it was a very enjoyable animatic.

ChaoticAnimations responds:

Well the next one will be hopefully totally animated and the only thing floaty will be our favorite blue bird in a top hat. :D

A very entertaining toon with professional level of animation and voice acting with gorgeous backgrounds. :)

This would be an interesting pitch for a short animated series.

To show kids the amount of work that goes into animation and why it deserves more credit.

I mean sure, 90% of the actual hard work is done in Korea. lol

ChaoticAnimations responds:

This actually is part of a pitch we are working on to pitch for a cartoon. We still want to do one more animation and also some promotional art and a short comic that will all go together with this. Right now we are asking everyone to spread the word about this especially to Disney so we can get noticed more.

Also we decided to go with Italy not Korea for ours :p.

I really liked it to be totally honest. Looks so smooth and nice, and sounds just as good too. Made me chuckle a few times as well. I would love to see a continuation in all honesty! Love how John also says "Ink of Life" in this. Dunno why but it's a tiny bit amusing.