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Reviews for "The Forgotten Toon"

I like the voice acting and grate way to bring up classics man

I love this and want more of her.

ChaoticAnimations responds:

Were working on trying to do a fully animated short with her. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2026925635/the-forgotten-toon

wow, this is an AMAZING, perfectly drawn animation!
very good drawings, excellent faces/face expressions of the characters, nice narration/excellent voice-acting, and a REALLY nice, interesting and FUNNY story!
i liked the general idea of ''bringing forgotten cartoon characters back to life'', and i LOVED all the ''arguing'' between ms miko and the narrator. (it was my favorite part).
also, the jokes were good, the drawings were nice, and the animation was flawless.

i have to ask, though:
who is miko? was she REALLY a forgotten disney character, or is she a character created by you?
either way, its a great movie, and a noble project to start.

i would love to see more from this series.
keep up the good work!

ChaoticAnimations responds:

I shall answer your questions!

I created her originally as a pitch for a Disney cartoon but it never got picked up. Right now were working on doing a fully animated short to show off some more fun with her but we need your guys help. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2026925635/the-forgotten-toon

Awesome! Love some 4th wall breaking cartooning.

I love it are you gonna fully flesh it out ? and you gotta make some sing a long as well. show disney that even a bright young as your group can out beat their paying shit.

ChaoticAnimations responds:

We absolutely plan on fleshing it out. Currently we are running a patreon to help pay for the next few full episode in the series and we are thinking of doing a kickstarter to prove that Disney doesn't know what their missing! Also we totally want to get some singing in soon enough. :3