Reviews for "Ultimate Walnut Tapper"


This is pretty good but ultimately, it has no end and no mute button. Nice work though.

9X74 responds:

Thanks bud!

how to mute in chrome go to ur tab right click mute page... ur welcome newbies
otherwise good game can do more stuff im sure cant wait to see more dev :D

Like the cookie game here on NG. Points for a walnut(?) idea. Clicker games are okay with me. The medals don't work.

Masterpiece. But why can I not get the medals? Is this a bug or a troll? Oh wait, íf you reload the page you get them. But why does it say that I have only 11 taps, I swear to god, I punched my mouse in the face over 100 times
Also, you could add more variety and design to the game, other than that, not a bad time waster :)