Reviews for "Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3"

A great sequel to the Zombie society. The story is good, and the ability to skip was the best idea ever.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you got all the medals!

For some reason my local save from the last game didnt register and I had to start fresh with no attributes in this episode.

This episode is moving along the story gracefully. Definitely keeps me interested. The characters are still entertaining and the artwork is really nice.

Its a great series so far. Nice job. Cant wait for the next one.

Muja responds:

As I've answered the other reviewer below, saving is working for me on local file, too, so I don't know what your problem might be.

My suggestions are:
- play both games ONLINE from the beginning to the end, until it saves your progress
- check the medals in the second episode: if it remember the medals you earned in the first issue (and it should) you're good to go.

Despite that, I'm really glad you liked our comic, and I hope you'll like the final episode, too!

Another great episode. It's a shame that it will be ending soon. However, there's nothing like going out with a bang.
I am curious about something, though. I have all of the OUTSIDE medals. I guess the ones that matter. Yet, not all of them INgame are registering. They still come up as Locked. I declare that there's something afoot. Another mystery to solve. Lol
Anyways....on to Episode 3.

Muja responds:

Hmm, this bug could have something to do with your internet connection... or is a mistake on my part, and I didn't use the right code for all the medals. I'll check into it.

Thank you for your nice review, now I'm waiting for your thoughts on the last episode :D

I have played all 3 parts of this game and I liked it very much. Excellent and unique world building. Deep story with both humorous and dark red pill undertones. Great and interesting characters. Good art an character expressions. All the choices were meaningful and sound. Also I like the many medals to unlock.

Only reason the score is not perfect 5 stars is because of minor technicalities like lack of full screen and an animated cursor. These little technical things do give or take from the overall experience.

In the second part the story gets darker and hints of a government conspiracy get more obvious. I love stories that start off as something small and mundane but grow and turn out to be matrix-like paradigm shifting tales uncovering conspiracies and hidden truths about the world.

Muja responds:

Thank you!
Since you've reviewed every episode, I'll give my longest answer for the third one ;)

I might have already reviewed this a long time ago.

Your Zombie Society games are great and this makes no exception.
But there are quite too much possibilities that oblige me to play the episodes like 30 times to discover all the twists (for example , I'm curious what'll happen with the librarian kidnapped, as I managed to save him in the current playtrough). I don't really mind it though.

Muja responds:

And that's what makes interactive stories interesting, don't you think?
Thank you for your kind review!