Reviews for "Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3"

I really liked this comic, in fact, I liked both of them! I guess I'm kinda attracted to choose your own adventure type stories, and you did it quite well. But, it didn't remember my choices from the first comic, despite saving. Did it just not save correctly or do you have to have an online save in order for it to remember?

Muja responds:

Hmm, I've tried it right now and the saving works for me, even on local file.
If you want to make sure your data has been saved, check the medals: it should show you the medals you earned in the first episode, too. It works for me!
Just remember to play the first game on local save, too, from the beginning to the end, and it should work fine.

Thanks for your review, I'm glad you had fun!

A great sequel to the Zombie society. The story is good, and the ability to skip was the best idea ever.

The medals work, and I earned them all.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you got all the medals!

The medals all worked and I unlocked them all. I feel like there could be more improvement within the story line but otherwise a decent visual novel

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, glad you had fun!
As for the story, I hope you'll like it more when you'll read the final episode!

Didn't think I'd need to play the former, but after this I'll definitely be following this series. It's a world that's easy to immerse yourself, with likable characters and so many questions left to be answered, a creative realm too where zombies and humans can co-exist, and where even zombies have a little humanism in them. Makes for an intriguing plot; has potential for so much much side-story! I like the different choices too, though choosing the best ones first leaves you having to play again to get medals for the lesser ones... and then one more time to go back to the right choices in preparation for the third. :) Nicely done though, and I'm off to the prequel before the next is out. Looking forward to it!


Muja responds:

Wow, thank you very much for your nice review, from all the team!
If you' ve read the first episode by now, you know the deads and the livings don't really co-exist... The latter are actually raised as food in farms!
(One-Eye is an exception, as his brain has such an awful smell no zombie would dare to eat him)

I'm very glad you liked the setting, and hope you'll like even more the final episode!
Thanks again!

Jesus christ. This is brilliant. The message and the game. I don't really care for medals, maybe someday I get them all, but this is a brilliant submission. It has a great re-playability, as well as skip button.

Muja responds:

Ahah thanks a lot for your nice review and your enthusiasm. You probably get where I'm going with the story... but I have a coulpe of twists up my sleeve yet, I hope you'll like them.

(It seems that skip button was really needed, I'll remember that for all my future projects)