Reviews for "Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3"

Alright... after a pretty interesting and intriguing first episode, here comes the second one with more things to reveal but at the same time more unsolved mysteries. It made me really curious about how the zombie society works, and how come they never question their endless desire for brains... As for the game itself it seems pretty much no change from the first one, just the same interactive motion comic. Although there isn't much action and the choices are pretty basic, they did made me ponder about the different possible outcomes of my actions. Either way I made a small let's play of it right here... https://youtu.be/ZgPd4MolM1Y . Can't wait for the third episode... will it be enough to find out all that is happening in this society?

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot for the review, and for the let's play video, too.. It was fun to watch someone read our comics like that!

Third episode will answer ALL the questions about this particular case, but also about exactly how this Zombie Society came to be.

And I can already tell you it might end up being as long as episode 1 and 2 put together, as it'll be the equivalent of a 30-40 pages comic book.

Thanks again, glad you had fun!

I was glad this didn't have that much going on. I didn't want a complicated game like this. I really do like these drawings. I guess it's just hard to get into a comic here. You still manage to make the story interesting. I'm glad the first medal is easy.

I feel bad not reading everything. It seems to be really nice. Oh yeah, you ARE the same guy who did the Ghostbusters ones. I can associate with these characters a bit. The music is great and sets the mood nicely.

Muja responds:

Hello Ericho and thank you for your review!
Yep, I'm the same guy, but this time I also had Giorgia Longo's help with the drawings - she's a terrific artist and pro comics drawer in Italy - and original great music composed and performed by Antonio Mariano (his nickname on Newgrounds is "mararte").

I'm glad you enjoyed the experience, even though you didn't feel like reading all the dialogues - there's a time for reading and a time for playing, can't blame you if you weren't in the mood.

Hope that when you'll feel like reading again, you'll remember this little comic and come back to enjoy the story, too.

Thanks again!

loved it , Got all the medals :D

Muja responds:

That's great! Thank you for the review!

Local save working for me

Muja responds:

That is very good to know, thanks!
And we hope you enjoyed the comic!

For some reason my local save from the last game didnt register and I had to start fresh with no attributes in this episode.

This episode is moving along the story gracefully. Definitely keeps me interested. The characters are still entertaining and the artwork is really nice.

Its a great series so far. Nice job. Cant wait for the next one.

Muja responds:

As I've answered the other reviewer below, saving is working for me on local file, too, so I don't know what your problem might be.

My suggestions are:
- play both games ONLINE from the beginning to the end, until it saves your progress
- check the medals in the second episode: if it remember the medals you earned in the first issue (and it should) you're good to go.

Despite that, I'm really glad you liked our comic, and I hope you'll like the final episode, too!