Reviews for "Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3"

Where's part 3 man

Muja responds:


third episode is completed and ready to go, but we're experiencing a few technical problems that will probably delay the publishing.

It will be online in a few days on the sponsor's website, and a week after that I'll publish it here on Ng.

But it's definitely coming! Thank you for your review!

I can't seem to import my save despite playing on the same domain (Episode 1 is still open in a different tab).

Any tips on how to import the save?

I thoroughly enjoyed the first one though, and I definitely like that my choices have an impact, although not being able to figure out how to get my Episode 1 save to Episode 2 makes things a bit difficult.

Muja responds:

That is very weird because I've tested it many times and it has always worked for me.

The only thing I can ask you to do, is: check your online connection and play the first episode until the END (when the "saving" writing appears).

Then move on to episode 2, and check the medals.

Even if the second episodes tells you "you have no saved data", if it remembers the medals you got in episode 1, you're good to go.

Hope that helps!

Just finished part 1 and i know that part 2 will be great too

Muja responds:

Ahah thanks for the trust, man!

This game is just as great, if not better, than the first. I'd surely like to play the third one when it is released and find out how the case turns out. You did an awesome job on this game!

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot, once again, from all the team!
The third episode will be online at the end of March, and I hope you'll like it even more than this one :)

i have hard time reading english but i am sure it ok for people who can read well

it make me feel weird when i ask my aunt to help tell me what word say

Muja responds:

Ahah well, don't worry, you'll eventually learn to read english. And my comic will stay here, waiting for that time :)

Thanks for the review