Reviews for "Zombie Society - Death after death #2/3"

I have played all 3 parts of this game and I liked it very much. Excellent and unique world building. Deep story with both humorous and dark red pill undertones. Great and interesting characters. Good art an character expressions. All the choices were meaningful and sound. Also I like the many medals to unlock.

Only reason the score is not perfect 5 stars is because of minor technicalities like lack of full screen and an animated cursor. These little technical things do give or take from the overall experience.

In the second part the story gets darker and hints of a government conspiracy get more obvious. I love stories that start off as something small and mundane but grow and turn out to be matrix-like paradigm shifting tales uncovering conspiracies and hidden truths about the world.

Muja responds:

Thank you!
Since you've reviewed every episode, I'll give my longest answer for the third one ;)

I do apologize if this is rather bothersome as this is an older one of your games but it would seem that the "Flip is Safe" medal refuses to unlock despite the fact I have gotten it in game. Just not on newgrounds. Thank you for making such amazing games, they're really interesting, I enjoy how much you thought these out.

Muja responds:

Hmm, that's weird. I've just checked and it seems I was able to unlock it at the time, so it should still work.
Maybe you lost your connection while you were playing, and NG's server didn't register it?

I don't have the original files to fix the possible bug, anyway, so if it doesn't work anymore I won't be able to help :(

But I'm glad you're enjoying this series, thank you for your review!

Another great episode. It's a shame that it will be ending soon. However, there's nothing like going out with a bang.
I am curious about something, though. I have all of the OUTSIDE medals. I guess the ones that matter. Yet, not all of them INgame are registering. They still come up as Locked. I declare that there's something afoot. Another mystery to solve. Lol
Anyways....on to Episode 3.

Muja responds:

Hmm, this bug could have something to do with your internet connection... or is a mistake on my part, and I didn't use the right code for all the medals. I'll check into it.

Thank you for your nice review, now I'm waiting for your thoughts on the last episode :D

Good game...... Like the trilogy.....

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot! glad you had fun :)

You are the only game creator along with Scriptwelder that I follow closely, and well you never disappoint me Muja. Hopefully you will make a B.I.P 2; B.I.P is by far your best game.

Muja responds:

Thanks a lot for the support, ChampionGary!
The good new is, I've being hired to keep making this kind of interactive webcomics, so you'll certainly have more to read even once Zombie Society will be over!

The bad new is I'm trying to stop making fanfictional projects, mainly because I want to try out *my* stories.
But I'm trying to learn Html5, so I could propose another sprite-based game in the near future, as I want to test out my new skills.
No Ghostbusters though, i don't want to be stuck with only one thing :)

Thanks again!