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Reviews for "Yo Escape The Burger Shack"

fine escape game

It took me way longer than to should have to figure out how to open the cash register! Im like
"Duh Amber, Jesus!"

After that. the rest was easy peasy. Maybe too easy. It was a bit short too. But fun never-the-less.

@Rilifaen, I literally thought the exact same thing when I saw him at the beginning.
Dudes just super unlucky getting stuck in places. :D

Time for some fun in the sun though... wasn't it night time? Some fun details here in the quest for those keys, like the quarter raise. XD Overall a simple but entertaining little adventure. Good game.


Why didn't he jump over the counter?! Good game.

All medals work and I unlocked them all. I believe that if the puzzles were a little harder it would be more enjoyable other then that great game as always.