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Reviews for "Yo Escape The Burger Shack"

Why didn't he jump over the counter?! Good game.

It took me way longer than to should have to figure out how to open the cash register! Im like
"Duh Amber, Jesus!"

After that. the rest was easy peasy. Maybe too easy. It was a bit short too. But fun never-the-less.

@Rilifaen, I literally thought the exact same thing when I saw him at the beginning.
Dudes just super unlucky getting stuck in places. :D

While a bit too mundane, this wasn't that bad. I was confused as to how the medals were placed. It would be impossible to get them in the order shown. I have never said that before! The music was quite good. I really have no idea how to understand those colors.

Yep, I just looked at a walkthrough. I really do like how realistic this is. It's nice to see something taking place in a normal world. Then again, it might take place in the same Universe as the other supernatural stuff. It just isn't for me.

can u make more?

This is the first one I've actually been able to complete.
How funny that it took me 13 minutes to complete.
I didn't even need the walkthrough I was unaware of.