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Reviews for "Yo Escape The Burger Shack"

Not too bad. Nice song, altogether easy to understand escape game. Not so much challenge but I appreciated the nice graphics. And that "here's your raise" joke cause a mild chuckle from me so that gets a little extra points too. Good game.

OK quick escape game. However, the colours enigma is way too difficult: the colours do not really match the poster and it lacks cursor/animation when moving over/pressing coloured buttons. Thanks.

All medals work and I unlocked them all. I believe that if the puzzles were a little harder it would be more enjoyable other then that great game as always.

Game play is straightforward, but I had difficulty remember the location of the red box because it's hidden inside a cupboard. Puzzles are easy.

This one was all right. Your games are starting to get slighter harder during the beginning which is actually good. The conclusion to the game however, was quite questionable...what company hides a spare key in a vending machine? That was something that pestered me from rating the game any higher.

Other than that, nice work. Next thing you know, you could make a Yo Escape Playground, Subway/Train station, and many others!