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Reviews for "Yo Escape The Burger Shack"

Great easy game animations were not too bad either good work 10/10


The artwork and sound was great. The puzzles were ok. Yet, the story and some of the objects were too far fetched. A lot of things just didn't make any sense. No offends, but it seems like you're running outta ideas and reaching now. You've got a lot of great games out there. You've got talent. I just can't say that this is one of the better ones.
He just waltzes right into a business. Only to find that it's closed. Turn around to discover that the door that he JUST came in, has somehow locked on him. He has more than Bad Luck. He's CURSED.
Well. I'm not gonna give up on ya just because this one isn't striking home with me. Looking forward to more.

Here's your raise Bob! *Hands over quarter*

Pretty great game! Took me a while to get it :3

i listen to beatle while listen to this : - )