Reviews for "Whack Your Boss: Superhero Style"

Nice little Beat-up the xyz game. ways to kill where about average and the animation was smooth with suitable sounds. the background music may need changing, I feel 'The Entertainer' looping indefinitely became annoying VERY quickly. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD ADD A MUTE BUTTON!
However my biggest criticism of this game is that it looks like it should be called 'Whack Your Dad: Superhero Style' as the 'worker' looks like he is still in school, the room looks like a teenagers bedroom (Note the 'Day 10 Revision' note above the pc and the games console in the corner and lets not get to the room being filled with mostly toys.)
I recommend to address the issues observed above:
* Add the muse button
* Change the bosses shirt to a plain shirt
* Change the workers cloths to a uniform (buttoned shirt with collar, a tie may hep finish the image. I am yet to hear of an office job allowing hoodies as the dress code)
* Although the office needs a large redesign it is above my skill to say what must be done beyond de-cluttering, (you can place all the kill items in hidden spots.)
Overall good, some style flaws that can be fixed in future games. but good job.

I am a Jedi master

I loved loved loved the naruto one ;)

Too many marvel.... but i still love it XD

This was cathartic as hell, and all of the references were hilarious. Good way of relieving stress, that's for sure!