Reviews for "Whack Your Boss: Superhero Style"

good animation and ideas

Very unexpected choices of weapons. Full score for good animation.

This game gives you a feel-good feeling. :) Simple yet effective, the only thing I didn't like is there were no instructions that I could see on how to play the game. You just click random options that light up when you hover your mouse over them in order to play & find new and exciting ways to whack the boss. :)

Fun, but annoying sound of the boss.

The sick minds behind the many "Whack your X" games strike (the boss) again with a new game that allows you to satisfy your nerdiest (yet non-sexual) fantasies by letting you kill your boss, or father (Who employs such a young guy!?) by using different pop-culture powers. Pretty cool, and the different powers can have amazing results; although I would have expected some more ways to kill the guy than just 13.