Reviews for "Whack Your Boss: Superhero Style"

Great Variety and References to Different Heroes (some may not be heroes like Sub-Zero but gets a 5/5 for Blood,Creative Kills,and Art Style)

could be better try again next time plaese

10/10 Would kill boss again.

This game is great. It's as much simple and relaxing as brutal and funny. Though this game has a slow animations, it's great and deserves much. After I've found all 13 kills, I understood how creative developers are. I can easily put the game the rate of 4,5/5.

Very fun. You have to love how you can use collectibles to "express" your true feelings. Most are easy to find,some you have to search high and low. Some things that you think would unload some anger management,like the ED-209,do nothing. How many of you all found all 13?

Because I am a nice guy,the Dragonball item is near the pouch that you use to shrink your boss.