Reviews for "Climber Guy"

Okay, so this is a really simple premise, though it could ultimately use a lot of improvement. There are only ten levels, which would generally be a bit short for most games, but here it works. The main reason for this is that the game itself is little more than a button-mashing extravaganza. The idea itself isn't bad, though I find that mashing Z and X over and over (and over and over) feels both tedious and uninspired. The climbing mechanic could certainly be better, but again that's where having only ten levels works in the game's favour.

The graphics and animation look really hastily done and super simplistic, but that's actually kind of charming in its own special way. Some really obvious game design essentials have been left out, though. For one thing, there is no explanation about what the individual stats do. You can't mouse over the icons for descriptions or anything, so that's definitely a minus--even if it all seems self-explanatory to the designer. The average person won't have that same inside track to the design mindset, so it's always wise to keep that in mind. Through simple trial and error, I learned that the Strength and Health stats are ultimately the most important to actually succeeding in each level's objective. Speed really isn't all that important since all it helps you do is move left and right quicker. The only real reason to max out all the stats is to earn the medals, and - to that end - it might even be better to lower the upgrade costs on those a bit so that they remain relevant to the actual gameplay.

The only music is a really short loop, and while I didn't find it to be terribly annoying straight away, by the time I was a few levels in it was really beginning to grate. Sound effects are sparse, but what little there is works well enough. It might have been nice to add a few more for mousing over menu selections.

All in all, I felt like the game was simply mediocre. The medals are a nice incentive, though maxing out all the stats is neither necessary for completion of the game, nor is it particularly fun. I would personally suggest giving this a bit of extra polish if you hope to earn higher ratings.

blit-blat responds:

Yeah, thinking about it leaving out instructions for the upgrades was a bit silly; we've spent so much time playing this game it seemed obvious to us! :P I've updated the game description explaining the upgrades. Thanks for the review :)

Its a good game.

Nothing spectacul but its good.

I like to see a different background in other levels.

blit-blat responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it. :) And yeah other backgrounds might be cool, like grassy hills or snowy mountains. One for next time maybe!

Badges brawny and salubrious both say that they are for fully upgrading strength so you might want to change that.

Basically what I did was upgraded speed enough to get from the center of the screen to the sides easy enough to collect gold. Then I farmed level 3 or 4 first maxing out strength then health never again worrying about speed until later as I knew it was for side to side movement.

Then I switched from one hand on arrow keys and one hand on Z and X keys to one hand on Z key and one hand on X key and spammed the keys that way running through any rocks that got in the way and made it to the end with no problems then used the money gained to max out speed the rest of the way for the last badge.

blit-blat responds:

Whoops! Good spot, that's fixed now, thank you. :)

And that's a solid tactic, good job!

only upgrade that matters is strength and yea just hit the buttons at the same time. neat game nice medals thx

Z and X again...
A lot of developper using z but its in another place in european keyboard layout. (its swapped with Y)
At least an option to change it, or an alternative binding like (A and S).

blit-blat responds:

Yeah, turns out Central Europe uses QWERTZ rather than QWERTY, which is used in North & South America, and Western/Northern Europe. Sorry for the inconvenience! :)