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Reviews for "Climber Guy"

Badges brawny and salubrious both say that they are for fully upgrading strength so you might want to change that.

Basically what I did was upgraded speed enough to get from the center of the screen to the sides easy enough to collect gold. Then I farmed level 3 or 4 first maxing out strength then health never again worrying about speed until later as I knew it was for side to side movement.

Then I switched from one hand on arrow keys and one hand on Z and X keys to one hand on Z key and one hand on X key and spammed the keys that way running through any rocks that got in the way and made it to the end with no problems then used the money gained to max out speed the rest of the way for the last badge.

blit-blat responds:

Whoops! Good spot, that's fixed now, thank you. :)

And that's a solid tactic, good job!

Well, this game certainly drove me nuts with how hard it was. I just had no idea how to advance past Level 6. I didn't even realize that there was a time limit at first. The screen was just so big! I did get pretty far. It seemed easy at first.

That was again, before I realized there was a time limit. It was recommendable. It's annoying with how it's the same thing over and over after awhile. This guy reminded me of Dipper. Why didn't he hook up with Pacifica?!

blit-blat responds:

Haha, well hopefully it was hard in a fun way! A little challenge is good now and then ;) Thanks for the review! :)

I can't get past three and can barely type now...

blit-blat responds:

Haha, practice makes perfect, although the upgrades will certainly help! Thanks for the review! :)

gg about time a really good game arivived thank you alice! :)

blit-blat responds:

Thank you!

Quite the challenging game, my fingers are practically sore from all the button mashing. Solid work!

I wished the time limit was a bit more forgiving, haha-

blit-blat responds:

Haha, be sure to rest up between levels, don't want to strain those fingers! And it wouldn't be fun if it was too easy! ;)