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Reviews for "Climber Guy"

after the first level i thought "meh". Then you hooked me in with the damn upgrade store

blit-blat responds:

They're tricky things upgrade stores aren't they! :P Glad you liked it! :)

Great game ! :)
killed my fingers but i like it !! :D

blit-blat responds:

Haha, glad you liked and sorry about killing your fingers! You've still got some left, right? :P

>< X+Z?
What about those who use qwertz or azerty keyboards? (like many non-english EU countries) Not that it's impossible but still, my little finger is tired.

blit-blat responds:

Sorry for tiring your fingers out man! Maybe, custom control mapping is the way to go. Thanks for the review! :)

I like what you've done. Quick game, but challenging, and even a little painful :P. The upgrades really do make a difference, giving the player a sense of progress, and you really don't have to grind much in order to continuously afford them.

I have one major gripe. Do not, repeat do NOT, allow the clock to start until the player hits a button or otherwise indicates that he or she is ready. The fact that the screen is huge and I often spent the first few seconds setting it to a good place always hurt. The amount of times I lost by half a second is staggering, mostly due to the fact that the timer started running down before I was prepared to start mashing.

blit-blat responds:

Thanks for the review, glad you liked it! :) For the most part anyway, I totally get what you're saying about not starting the time before you start climbing though. Maybe a "3... 2... 1.. GO!" countdown could work well also instead.

Badges brawny and salubrious both say that they are for fully upgrading strength so you might want to change that.

Basically what I did was upgraded speed enough to get from the center of the screen to the sides easy enough to collect gold. Then I farmed level 3 or 4 first maxing out strength then health never again worrying about speed until later as I knew it was for side to side movement.

Then I switched from one hand on arrow keys and one hand on Z and X keys to one hand on Z key and one hand on X key and spammed the keys that way running through any rocks that got in the way and made it to the end with no problems then used the money gained to max out speed the rest of the way for the last badge.

blit-blat responds:

Whoops! Good spot, that's fixed now, thank you. :)

And that's a solid tactic, good job!