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Reviews for "Climber Guy"

Absolutely terrible, the controls are stupid (using up would have been a much better choice), huge difficulty spike around level 5 meaning that it's unplayable without extreme luck in getting all the needed power ups, which is incredibly unlikely so sorry, 0 stars.

blit-blat responds:

Using up would have made it too easy though, the skill element is is about how fast you can alternately press those buttons. Have you never played Track & Field? I agree the difficulty might go up and little to quickly, but it is nowhere near as hard as you're making it out to be IMO. Maybe you're just not very good? :P

I hate this game so much. Worst controls I ever seen. the game does not reward skill, but rather luck and perseverance, I'm convinced the last level is only possible when a strength+ falls. also. No one in there right mind would think to collect weights, instead they will likely avoid them.

blit-blat responds:

Oh come, come now. The worst controls ever? Less hyperbole please! ;)

And I've managed to complete the game without strength+ (max strength and health and just go for it!), but I kinda agree maybe the design of the power could be improved upon.

This has potential to be lots of fun, but having to alternate Z and X to climb sucks. I would like the game a lot more if you auto climbed or if there was a button you could hold to climb instead.

blit-blat responds:

Wouldn't it be a bit too easy if you just had to hold a button down though? ;)

Fairly entertaining. Only real problems here are that the difficulty goes up exponentially, too fast after level 5 for you to keep doing next levels (means you're forced to farm coins at around level 6, and I'd prefer not to have to) and that I got all the medals while logged out of NG, but can't get them now that I logged in (might want an NG metal check either as a button on the medals screen or have one run when the medals screen opens). I might play again in a different browser in case a metal check doesn't get put in though.

Another thing, though it may not be extra major, is that you'd need to have a 600-700 clicks per minute clicking finger (unassisted by auto-clickers) like mine to be able to beat the later levels in time, especially if you don't upgrade strength almost every time until it's maxed. Even then, with max strength, having to focus exclusively on mashing Z and X with both index fingers forcing you not to be able to move isn't much fun on the last 2 levels. I like difficulty, but I prefer keeping my mouse hand on my mouse and my keyboard hand on my keyboard.

One more issue is that how fast rocks can fall is crazy, especially with the need for vertical speed. Maybe having a Perception upgrade to allow you to see pickups and falling rocks more easily (perhaps by zooming out and/or moving the character lower on the screen so you see further above yourself) would be a nice addition.

Finally, to satisfy the guys complaining about the controls, you can switch it to Left Arrow and Right Arrow and say "Alternate between those two keys" so people think "Left then Right" instead of "left and right at the same time."

Other than all that, this was a fun way to spend about a half hour.

blit-blat responds:

Personally I thought the difficulty was went up OK, but I could be wrong :P We should definitely test the difficulty more thoroughly next time!

The medals seem to be working for most people, and should re-unlock when you come to the game again. Maybe try different browsers/disable add-ons and see if it works.

The Perception thing is a good idea, would be nice to see when power-ups are about to fall too.

Thanks for the review :)

Nice dude!

blit-blat responds:

Thank you! :)