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Reviews for "4 Swords Misadventures 10"

YES! Episode 10 is finally!
I hope to see in the future Episode 11!

Very glad to see this continue. I love that Zelda now gets to interact with the other Links; sets up for some comedic gold. Also, yay for the plot moving ahead! I always had a sneaking suspicion about old man Oshus.

Great job, man. I've been watching this series a long while, and it's been the best Zelda parody I've seen. Do what you gotta do, and we'll see the next one whenever it's ready (and not a moment before).

I love the fact that Zelda is now going to be a main character like the others. Great way to include her voice actress more often and have Zelda be more prominent in the story.

And man, I was getting tired of these side-stories... Great work.

Also, the feels.

Awesome, I keep being a fan of this serie, cant wait to see what problems they get into.

Nice music and graphics!!!